Undone Hair…Really? I can do that?

Undone Hair

When I heard that I could wear my hair “undone” I thought wow that sounds easy! AND IT SURE IS!

I think this look has made it’s way into the beauty world with perfect timing. Summer is coming to an end and September can get so busy with new fall schedules and routines so we ladies need something that looks chic and something that can be achieved in minutes. This look is so versatile too, I think it can be brought from casual to fancy if you want it to. And we’ve figured out the best way to do this!

Here is what you have to do: 1. Let’s start in the shower…after shampooing apply a conditioner and comb the conditioner through your hair, rinse. 2. Squeeze the excess water out of your hair with a paper towel encouraging your natural wave to come alive. 3. Generously spray REDKEN’s FASHION WAVES 07 SEA SALT SPRAY in your hair. 4. Next scrunch your hair, either with a diffuser or your hands, to bring out your beautiful natural waves.

Do you want to know what’s even better? You can wear your hair like this again the next day!

THE NEXT DAY: Dampen your hair & reapply the FASHION WAVES 07 and scrunch.
I find that on day 2 and 3 your hair will take on even more of a undone textured wave because your hair may not be as soft from the previous day.
If you want to soften your wave for a dressed up look put a drop of REDKEN’s DIAMOND OIL in the ends and VOILA!

It’s as easy as that!


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