Bob or Lob?

I think that everyone has noticed how popular the bob hairstyle has been this summer and now join into fall as well. You could either be going for an edgy, chin grazing, wavy bob like many people are doing right now, which is a little bit more daring than the shoulder grazing lob (aka long bob) that is effortlessly chic with which we have seen in the past. Both cuts are very flattering for many women….but how do you choose?

It’s all about face shape ladies.

An angled bob is a great look for round faces with it’s long layers that sweep just under the chin and shortening of the hair as you go back to the nape of the neck. A product that works great for this cut is Redken’s 10 – Guts. Use it as a volumizer at the roots to give you lift at your crown for extra slimming.

…So you don’t have a round face? THATS OK!

The lob and the bob are so versatile! (so keep reading)

For a square shaped face a tapered thinned out bob that ends around the chin works beautifully. Make sure to flat iron your ends if this is the bob you want to soften your jawline. We suggest finishing off with Redken’s 12 – Rough Paste to add some texture.

A bob that ends right at the jawline with very little tapering at the nape of the neck is great for a heart shaped face. I think that a natural wavy styled look works great with this cut using Redken’s Loose Endings.

Now the lob works great with women who have longer narrow faces. I like styling this look with Redken’s 08- Aerate that’s a creamed mouse to give hair volume.

Well. I hope that gave you all some push if you’ve been itching to chop of some of your lovely locks. We can make the bob work for any face shape.






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