This Seasons Chic Lip: 4 Ways

Ok, not just one chic lip, we’ve spotted four looks that are eye catching for the fall and winter this year… like stop a guy in his tracks good. From feminine berries, rich reds, warm neutrals, and moody metallics. If your mourning the end of the summer we’re giving you something to look forward to, it will cheer you right up!

Fall is all about undone elegance. All of these lip looks work so well with natural looking, but still polished skin. They create a subtle yet sophisticated look. Don’t be afraid to add depth to your skin by giving your cheeks and forehead touches of pink and gold to carry your summer glow through the transition to fall. Let’s not forget about lashes, they continue to rule the season! Complete your look with long, bold lashes and your set for whatever comes your way!

1) Berry stained lips.

Believe it or not, a berry stained lip is very versatile. If you have a light complexion then just dab a little bit of colour to your lips or use a satin wash of colour. For those beauties with a darker complexion a thicker, opaque finish is most complementary. Either way, it’s a universally flattering look! You can work this look with simply applying a berry lip colour…OR you could go with more of the stained look by: 1) Choose a deep berry look that compliments your skin tone 2) Apply a small amount to your finger and gently blend onto the inside centre or your lip working your way out 3) Keep applying colour little by little. And your lips should look smudged with colour. It’s simple to pull off and easy to wear because it can fade naturally!

main.originalScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.34.03 PMe0f93ac8f86212f26325659c0fb558c8

2) Red lips never get old. They are classic.

Red lips are a great accessory for a minimalist make-up look especially in these upcoming cool months.
Now again i’m going back to skin tones…they’re important people! Ladies with warmer skin tones should try reds with an orange tone. A cherry red is more flattering for those with cooler, fair complexions.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.32.46 PM01acb4a98d54dc17d65c31bfe14939f9rita-ora-donna-karan-fall-2014-show-donna-karan-dress

3) Naturally warm tones.

Another of this season’s shades to add to your lip stick collection is a natural warm tone. This colour is subtle and low key and great for everyday wear! It’s flattering for every woman and I think appropriate for any occasion. How much better can this colour get!

main-2.original.0x796cScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.33.43 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.33.53 PM

4) Metallic Lips.

So you’ve done red, worn the nude lip or the warm tones…now it’s time to take things into a completely different direction, i’m talking about really moody lips. You can go with a deep shade to create a very sexy, dramatic look or you can downplay the trend to a minimalist glow depending on the occasion.


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