Are you looking for some spring hair inspiration?

The Pixie is back!

You either love it or hate it…… and we love it here at Hair Creations!

So why do we love it so much? Because the cut can be sleek and sexy or choppy and cool. You can continue to innovate the pixie after your initial chop to continue to change the look up. You can do an asymmetrical cut, or edgy undone perfection, or give your pixie style textured volume, or razor undercut. The pixie style has the potential to be personalized in a way that best suits your identity!

Are you ready to make the chop?

jennifer-hudson_glamour_27jan14_pa_b_960x1440 main-1.original.585x0 anne-hathaway_glamour_7may2013_pa_b lily-collins_glamour-24feb15-Getty_b_960x1440main-2.original.585x0Scarlett-Johansson2_glamour_19nov14_pa_b_960x1440 549bacd998e51_-_elle-30-pixie-cuts-michelle-williams-xln-elv     Jennifer-Lawrence_glamour_12jan14_pa_b_960x1440

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