Summer Beauty Guide – Makeup

Hair Creations summer makeup beauty guide will help you with a flawless and easy look. We are obsessing over the very light makeup trend, bringing out the natural colours and tones in your skin. We think this is great for summer because it doesn’t take a lot of work and you’re not layering a lot of makeup onto your face. We are all about adding soft pinks to bring out the natural radiance of your own skin and giving your skin a natural looking glow.

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These looks above are what we’re talking about! Nice and fresh! They are bringing out the natural beauty of your skin, not hiding it. The lips are enhanced with light and sheer colours that emphasis the colour that your lip already has. Add a bit of a highlighting blush, some colour to your lids and voila!

Here are some products that Hair Creations carries that we love using for simple and beautiful looks like these.


This is Mirabella’s Colour Vinyl Lipstick in a great shade, Lavender Lustre. The lipsticks are Paraben and gluten free! They moisturize and rejuvenate lips with Berry Flux Vita, Argan Oil, and antioxidants. They go on easy and last throughout the day. I like them because they are sheer and not matte so your going to add some shine to your lip while still looking natural.


Mirabella’s Colour Shine Lip Gloss adds great colour that compliments the shade that your lips already have. This product comes in a few different shades so you can choose which compliments you most. These glosses have moisturizing and conditioning properties too which are great for your lips especially with the sun beating down on them! They also have Vitamin C, E and peppermint to keep your lips hydrated.


Mirabella’s Mineral Bronzers add the perfect touch of colour to blend with your skin. We love their pink tones and highlighters! The bronzers will give you a great sun kissed look without being overpowering. The bronzers are so easy to brush on your cheeks as well and they are very forgiving if you go off course. They blend well into your cheek bone as well as just under depending on the look you’re going for.

Come in to see the Hair Creations team if you want us to try these products on you! Or if you want to try them on yourself! We’re here to offer you guidance on your personal look!

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