Summer Beauty Guide – Hair Colour

We love making over our clients with a new hair colour to give them a fresh look. It’s a great way to change up your look for a different season of the year or a difference season of your life. Different hair colours bring out different features on your face and also enhance your complexion by picking up different tones in your skin. This summer we are loving vibrant colours that glow bright in the sun.

However, it can be a challenge for a stylist if a client wants a colour that would compromise their hair.  One of our goals is to treat your hair so that it is in the best condition possible. That is why I want to tell you all about some beautiful hair colour trends along with great products and treatments for your coloured hair. These products make a HUGE difference on the way your hair looks, feels, and grows. One product we have been RAVING about in our salon is OLAPLEX! This product is cutting edge technology that mends the hair and makes it stronger then it was when you came in….even after we have coloured your hair!

Golden Blonde – I love this colour because it gives your hair a glow (if treated properly with the right products). It also enhances a sun kissed glow in your skin by bringing warmth to your skin tone. Golden blonde hair colour reminds me of a beach babe! This shade of blonde is gentler on your hair compared to a platinum blonde because it is leaving natural tones in your hair. I think it is such a great colour for summer because it reminds me of the sun and a whole lot of Vitamin D!

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Strawberry Blonde – Tired of your blonde hair, but you don’t want to go dark? Try this shade! Strawberry blonde is a great way to give blonde locks a change without going dark. The colour is a bit of golden blonde mixed with a light ginger or red. I think the colour gives the skin a natural warmth.


How to Care for Blonde Hair:

Redken has a new line of products for blondes that is really amazing! These products make blonde hair look and feel so beautiful. There is the Blonde Idol Shampoo, the BBB Spray which is a lightweight conditioner, the Custom-Tone Violet or Gold which is a product that helps maintain your tone where you are able to actually adjust warm or violet tones in the product (how great is that!?), and there is a nourishing Blonde Idol Mask that is a rinse out treatment for your hair.


Vibrant Red – This shade is for the girls that want deep vibrance in their life! This colour takes on the most amazing vibrant bright red in the sun. But it is hard to maintain the vibrance without the right products, so pay attention!


Monotone Brown – Sun tea, warm mocha are rich brown colours with a lot of golden undertones to make these beautiful brunette colours look amazing with your summer tan!

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How to Treat Vibrant Red and Monotone Brown Hair:

To keep this colour from fading, we suggest to use Redken’s new shampoo for vibrant colours, the Colour Magnetics Shampoo and Condition. These products form a seal on the hair so you will keep your colour and they rebuild the surface protection. The Deep Attraction Mask is also a must to preserve the richness of your colour! This line also has UV protection which is great for those beautiful days you want to spend outside in the sun.


If it’s a Redken salon that you go to, like Hair Creations, then ask for a Redken Shot Phase when your in the shampoo chair. This line of deep treatment products has specific benefits for all different hair types and colours. The products give treatments that protect hair from fading, they help reinforce internal fibres in the hair, they replenish moisture into the hair and so much more!


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