Why We Need to Get Our Men in the Salon

Our salon offers just as many services to men as it does women, so why are the majority of people who take advantage of our hair and spa services women?

We want to share with all of our readers the benefits that spa and hair services have for men!

Men get overlooked in the salon industry so often, well maybe not completely overlooked, but we need to start giving men more attention! And for very good reason!

There are so many gains for men who take advantage of services in a salon from feeling great, looking great, and to being healthy.

Reasons why manicure and pedicures are great for men:

– Improves foot health

– Helps release stress

– Pedicures remove foot odour

– Prevents ingrown toenails

– Men will love how their feet and hands look and feel

We’re here for you guys!

Do you need to clean up or cover up some greys? we’ve got you covered!

Do you need a polished trim of your facial hair or eyebrows? we do that!

Have you had a hard week at work thats evident by what your nails are looking like? We can clean up your hands and feet!

Let’s face it, women are attracted to men who take pride in taking care of their bodies

So here is what we’re thinking are great styles for men this fall and back to school. We think overall the style is a graceful messiness.

ldicaprio19_gl_17aug12_rex_b_426x639Most men can get this first look. The hair is longer on top and shorter everywhere else so it gives the appearance of thicker hair. It’s a clean look, but with the right product it can turn into a look thats more undone.

54d3c09c311b9_-_3-xl-oxbra5-3This next look is a bit more wild because sections of the hair cut are left more
textured. This almost gives the appearance that the hair hasn’t been cut, it’s got an edgy look. The top is longer than the sides and the specific shape of this haircut depends on the shape of the man sitting in our chair.

I think that these looks would look amazing on a mature man. They are edgy, but still classy. Men of all ages can pull it off!

I like these next two undercuts because they are very neat and groomed. Its an edgy look, but it is also soft and polished. I think that these styles are well suited for younger men because of the length of the hair.


There is an infinite amount of ways men can wear their facial hair. From short and groomed to longer. Facial hair also pairs with an infinite amount of hair styles. Whether you’ve got a shaved head, a fade, or long hair there is a beard for that!

Here are a few of our favourite beard styles for the fall season!


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