Back to Busy – Air Dry Hair Solutions

When September hits my life starts to get crazy. That means that my hair doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Its either up in a ponytail or I cover up my locks with a hat on when I don’t have time to blow dry and style my hair (Fedoras are really in this season which makes throwing a hat on even more enticing). But I’m tired of this! I want to be able to show off my gorgeous colour that my stylist has done on my hair.

So the stylists at Hair Creations salon have found some styles that can be achieved without the heat of a blow dryer or straightener. With the right hair, cut, and products you can wash your hair, add some products and be on your way for the day.

All of the below styles can be achieved without any heat! That means no blow dryer, no flat or curling iron. This totally helps our morning routine, i’m sure it will help yours too!

Undone Hair

Each style may need to be tweaked to best flatter your face shape, but that’s why you’ve got a great stylist to work with! So when you’re having your hair consult with your stylist make sure you let them know what lifestyle you lead and the amount of time you have to give to your hair. The way your hair acts is most important when trying to get these results we’ve been talking about. The concept behind letting your hair air dry is about working with your hair not against it. Its important to have a combination of the proper cut and the proper products that work well WITH your hair.

What will give you the best look is the use of the right product. We want to make sure that your hair will air dry without going frizzy or flat. Apply these products and let your hair do its thing! We use Redken products at Hair Creations, here are the products we use with undone, air dry hair:

GUTS – Spray this product at the root of your damp hair to give it lift and body. It keeps your hair from going flat as it dries, no need to worry!

redken guts

AERATEOne of my favourite products! This is a creamed mousse that you put in your hair right after you’ve conditioned and comb through with a wide tooth comb.redken aerate

Mess Around 10  this is a medium hold product that is great for adding texture and shine. I recommend it for shorter styles like the pixie cut, but i’ve used it on all hair lengths so give it a try! Apply it to damp or dry hair to work with your hair’s natural shape.

redken mess around

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