Get out of your hair rut for spring and summer!

If there is a time to switch up your hair its in the summer! We’ve put together some on trend looks that will help you survive the sweltering hot days that are about to come with low maintenance, sans hot tools, and super stylish colour! Here are some of the styles that work best for the summer season to get you out of your hair rut.

Braids: braids are in on every length of hair (even on men).  Braiding short hair is the newest look.  Any type of braid is in (fishtails, cornrows, french braids or regular braids). Anyone can do this look because it doesen’t have to be perfect.  The undone look or distressed, messy organic braid is the look you want.

braided-pixie-645x968 f23a0daf5cab74d84da8602924872ca2double-ponytail-braid-summer-hairstyle-idea-january-jones

french-braid-645x645 hbz-ss2016-beauty-trends-tight-braids-herve-leger-bks-m-rs16-1124 4bd22f9a5d63c4117c809007521ac7bb

Short Hair: this is the buzz. If you want to make a statement, cut off all of your extra inches! To make even more of a statement with your short hair colour bombing is the way to go.  Add a splash of pastel purple or pink, or go for a vivid magenta, blue or purple.

charlize-theron-oscars-best-beauty_720month-in-hair-18.jpg gallery-1460656279-gettyimages-509694694

gillan1jl3014 Scarlett-Johansson2_glamour_21apr15_getty_b_449x675 549bacd934e3c_-_elle-29-pixie-cuts-miley-cyrus-xln-elv

Hello Layers!: change up your BOB or add lots and lots of texture to your long hair. Lots of layers, texture & disconnections with your ends thinned out is this warm weather look. Goodbye BOB. Hello layers.  Colour bombing or Ombre is still very popular for this cut, but the newest look is bayalage or contour colour around your face. This created a soft frame for your face.



Colour: whether you’re looking for a colour fling or the one!
Hair colour is getting warmer for the spring & summer. Darker roots fading out to beautiful warm shades, bronze, gold & copper tones with a colour bomb of red, mahogany & purple look amazing for this season.

32-root_32 beauty-2016-04-emma-roberts-rose-gold-hair-main112015-jessica-alba-hair


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