Fall Hair Trends

Summer isn’t totally over yet, but the trending fall cut styles have taken their place. Here are a range of styles that are super cool. There are blunt cuts, choppy bobs, short pixies, and soft mid length cuts. Many are heavily influenced by the shag but there is still so much variety within the trends. There are styles to suite every hair type.

Mid-Length Cut with Subtle Layers

Great cut for someone growing out a bob. Also great for someone with fine hair because cut makes hair look fuller. The cut is using more polished layers, making the layers soft for movement in the style.


Chin Length Bob with Fringe

This is a sharp bob that gives a lived in feel because of an even length with heavy bangs. The back is not graduated, its all one length. Less is more with this style because it only needs a rough blow dry when styling.


Blunt Asymmetrical Cut, Longer in the Front

Consider this the next gen A-line lob. The ends are blunt and it can be styled into so many different looks!


One-Length Bob with Well Blended Layering

This is the freshest way to wear a bob. This is a box bob with texturized layers that are used to create movement. This cut works for straight or wavy hair. When you style it, it works best to add texture and wave with a curling iron.


Mid-Length Shag, Seamless Layers & Long Bangs

A variation of the shag with super long bangs and a length that hits the collarbone. The cut works best with a natural wave in the hair.


Mid-Length Shag Cut with Lots of Layers

Another variation of the shag. Best for someone who wants an on-trend shag, but who is unsure about bangs. The cut pronounces the face with framing layers that bring texture and movement to the cut. Great for any hair style because it can be personalized to the characteristics of your hair.


Pixie Cut

This cut is awesome for someone who is not attached to long hair, obviously. The cut exaggerates your facial features.


Classic Undercut with a Long Top and Shorter Sides (my fav!)

This is a fresh take on a shorter cut. The hair is long enough to be slicked back. So its great for someone who is growing out a pixie or someone who wants shorter hair, but doesn’t want to go for the full pixie plunge. This is a super fun and versatile cut.


Long Blunt Cut with No Layering

Long hair with a fresh update, a blunt one length look. This is a very low maintenance look that works with any texture.


Textured Shag with Short Blunt Bangs

A cut that proves a quick way to add drama without sacrificing length. Great for an edgier look. Its all about a long shag cut with layers throughout and short, completely straight bangs.


Another Shag, this time with Wispy Bangs

A very sexy look with a sense of rock and roll, but beachy vibe. A layers shag with wispy bangs that are tapered and thicker on the sides.


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