New Year New Haircut? Which Bob Haircut is Right for You?

There are two ways of looking at getting a new haircut, exciting…or completely terrifying. If you think you fit the terrified description then you’ve probably had long hair for as long as you can remember.

Have you heard about a “shock-proof haircut”? We’re going to tell you about it! It’s a selected cut that makes sense based on your current style and one that gives you the ability to re-create your everyday look.

While these haircuts we’re about to show you are notably shorter, they’re not jarring. You can still recreate the same styles as you did with your longer hair and get the same feeling.

If you have long chunky layers try a soft, A-line bob.

Layers can be a trap when you have long hair: Not only do they require a lot of styling to look good, but they can easily make you think you need length to pull off a lived-in, bedhead-y style. The solution? Bring up the length so the bottom layers live closer to the shortest layer, so it has a stronger perimeter line. You will still be able to get that messy, lived-in look.

image image-3

For some people, the shorter the better. If you’re ready for the big chop, go all out and opt for an A-line. Ask your stylist to bring your length up an inch shorter in the back. When styled, you’ll be left with some face framing volume and an edgy, finished look.


Have your stylist chop off your long layers and leave the shorter ones. The result will be fairly low-shock, since you’ll be able to pull off the same styles.

image-2 image-4

If you have sleek, one-length hair, try a blunt bob with fringe.

A long, one-length cut is often the product of avoiding any kind of cut or trim, but it’s still one of the most striking ways to wear long hair. Therefore, you need something that will be just as show stopping to allow you to continue wearing your hair as your accessory.

You could play it safe with a lob, but a really sharp, straight bob with bangs is dramatic and beautiful. This cut will give you the same look-at-me effect as your long, swingy strands, while the bangs will give you that mysterious long-hair quality you love.

image-6 image-5image-7 image-8

If you have long waves try a chin-length, A-line bob.

For many having long, beachy waves is all about feeling sexy. A textured cut that hits the chin will deliver that same feeling with even more volume.

This is for people who are ready for a big cut. The best way to wear it is with the waves tucked behind one ear. This cut shows how versatile and sexy a bob can be — with way less daily styling.

image-9 image

If you have long layers, try a soggy lob with a side swept fringe.

A shag will give you lots of movement and shape, which is the hallmark trait of a long cut with layers. This cut allows you to style your hair smooth and voluminous or with some texture spray for something more modern.

opener olivia_wilde_lob image-10

If all of these cuts are still scaring you, try a softly layered bob.

Still scared of the scissors? Don’t worry! The classic lob is the perfect transition to going shorter. The best thing about the lob is that it becomes a haircut and a style which means that it can be styled in any way and still feels fresh and modern. And, most importantly, you can still pull it into a ponytail or a bun. (And if for some reason you hate it, the grow-out process won’t be nearly as painful.)

openwe3 brown-long-bob-hairstyle-with-blonde-highlights image-12

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