Ultimate Beauty Guide for Wedding Season

Stop torturing yourself with beauty treatments the night before your big event!

Whether your getting ready for an upcoming milestone birthday or you RSVP’d “yes” to a beautiful summer wedding then getting ready in advance will cut stress from your already busy life and you will see amazing results in time for the big day!

If you want to work towards your beauty goal then keep reading…

HAIR HYDRATION – at least 5 weeks out.

If you think you can apply a hair treatment or mask on the night before and wake up with beautifully soft, shiny, hydrated hair…I hate to break it to you…but not going to happen. This takes time. Work hair treatments into your daily and/or weekly routine. Talk to your stylist about what hair treatments you can be using both daily and weekly. And talk to them about specific treatments then can apply in salon. This usually only costs about $12 and makes a HUGE difference to the way your hair looks and feels.

EYELASHES – 4 weeks out.

If you’re a lash extension newbie then make an appointment at least 4 weeks out from your big event to make sure you can tolerate them. The most important factor with lash extensions is comfort and they’re not for everybody. If you like them then upkeep is very simple and easy to do before your event.

Self Tanning – 3 weeks out.

Self tanning lotions are hard to apply. If this really isn’t for you then the week of your big event go and get a spray tan. There are some amazing all natural spray tanning studios that can actually benefit your skin when applied. If you’re applying a self tanner at home, start at least 3 weeks prior to your big event and use a tanner that build colour over time…and be patient! Choosing a gradual colour/self tanner is going to look the most natural and is a lot easier to apply.

SKIN – 3 weeks out.

Do you want glowing skin for your big event? We recommend getting an intense facial about 3 weeks before your big event and then a more gentle mask the week of. A gentle weekly face mask that we recommend is by doTERRA. Their natural mud face mask is amazing! If you have blemishes or a bit of a burn or other skin related issues you can try adding Tea Tree oil and Lavender essential oil to your daily moisturizer to heal. We use all doTERRA essential oils and are a certified retailer as well. Come in if you want to talk about that more!

Eyebrows – 1 week out.

Waxing can cause redness so to avoid looking like a lobster the day of the big event, schedule your eyebrow appointment 7 days out. This will let your skin calm down of any possible irritation or inflammation. If your skin is irritated apply some lavender essential oil.

Manicure – 2 days out.

Your manicure and pedicure always look their best up to a day or two after you leave the salon. I would recommend a gel polish to extend the wear of your polish. Also apply a cuticle and hand cream daily to extend the wear even more.

Lips – 1 day out.

Your lips deserve luxe treatments too! A lip scrub will do wonders for your lips a day before a big event. Your lipstick or gloss application will look a lot cleaner. I recommend a sugar lip scrub because it will help to dissolve and exfoliate dead skin. Your lipstick will go on smooth and clump free! I recommend using 2 tablespoons of raw organic sugar with a teaspoon of organic honey and a drop of lavender essential oil. You can even lick it off after…delicious!

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