An Organic Natural Hair Smoothing System

Through the use of natural ingredients and certified organic extracts, KeraGreen Keratin & Protein Hair System, restores the youth of your hair while promoting a healthy lifestyle for you and the planet. We wanted to introduce not just another keratin treatment, but a natural smoothing product. KeraGreen Keratin & Protein Hair System is the only complete hair restoration program that addresses hair restoration through the use of organic ingredients. The smoothing system effects will last 2-4 months on your hair depending on whether you have coloured hair or virgin hair.

This is a professional product that you will only find in hair salons done by a professional stylist. The Keragreen treatment is applied on the hair, section by section, from root to end. The hair is treated, washed, blown out and straightened. You then must follow up with the shampoo and conditioner at home.


The Products:

Hair Treatment: Helps to control frizzy, coarse and unmanageable hair with the aid of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as well as other ingredients.

Shampoo & Conditioners: Active formulas of essential amino acids, vitamins proteins, essential oils and pure citric acid extracts, you can maintain a healthy, shiny, manageable looking hair. Specially formulated to restore the health and shine of dry, damaged hair. It also reduces hair breakage allowing for your hair to have strength and elasticity.

Mask: Deep conditioning treatment maintenance mask and silk mask for natural shine and softness.

Renew and Repair System: KeraRenew helps to reconstruct the hair strand from the inside out. Hair is protected against styling,  damage, environmental exposure and chemical treatments. Our exclusive natural and organic components are the key to renewing your hair’s vitality and sealing it to protect your hair from future damage. Kera Hydrate is our new leave-in treatment conditioner formulated with Argan Oil and Bamboo extracts that will restore your hair without weighing it down.

Hair Oil and Serum: Kera Revive with Argan Oil repairs, reconstructs and rejuvenates dry, damaged, brittle hair. The argan oil and olive oil in our product promote shiny, silky, brilliant looking hair. The continued use of product helps in the prevention of split ends, hair breakage and dry scalp and it also conditions and brightens relaxed and color treated hair. The exclusive hair serum with Bioexcapilar Amino Acids, L-Cystine and Organic ingredients will deliver strength and elasticity to your hair. It also serves as a deep scalp treatment that controls hair loss breakage.


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