#1 Tip for Colour Treated Hair

I think that 95% of women and men have colour in their hair. Whether you’ve got a subtle shade to increase the vibrancy of your hair or if you are covering up unwanted grey hair or maybe you love to do something drastic and completely change your hair colour with each season. No matter the degree which we colour our hair, it needs nourishment in order to grow and to hang on to the hair colour.

So our #1 TIP for Colour Treated Hair is: CONDITIONING.

First of all, your hair does need to be washed in order to unclog your pores. You don’t just need to wash your hair for clean hair, but for a healthy scalp as well. You can compare it to washing your skin in order to unclog the pores on your face. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.

The most crucial step is the conditioner. This tones and moisturizes your scalp and hair.  The conditioner keeps your hair nutrient rich. This not only keeps your hair strong, but it helps to hold the colour longer! A proper conditioner will help the vibrancy of your colour last and keep your hair soft. Thats why we think this minor investment is so important!

A healthy scalp means your hair will continue to grow. And stronger hair keeps your ends from breaking.

So you don’t need to be afraid to wash your hair and as a result turn to dry shampoo. If you use the right products you can wash your hair more often without compromising the colour.

We ALWAYS suggest going right to your stylist when looking to colour your hair and choosing products to use at home. I don’t know if I need to still say this, but stay away from box colour! Box colour is not healthy for your hair and it has unpredictable results both when you apply it AND the next time you have your hair coloured. It can be a nightmare!

So go to your stylist, they know your hair, they know what salon products were used on your hair at your last appointment, and they can choose something to suit your lifestyle. You will save a lot of money when talking directly with your stylist.

Next, look for products that are safe. Something that is parabon free, sulphate free, and something with uv protection is a great place to start. We carry Redken products at our salon, Hair Creations, they have a variety of shampoo and conditioner sets that are great for your hair. Another amazing product to try right now is Olaplex it allows you to take your hair colour to the next level without the usual damage. So go and talk with your stylist they will make sure you have nutrient rich, healthy hair!

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New Year New Skin Care Resolutions

Hair Creations’ Top Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

A lot of New Years resolutions revolve around daily habits. These are easy to do but also very easy not to do. At the Hair Creations salon we’ve decided to concentrate on our skin for our New Years resolutions. We want to make these daily, weekly or monthly habits achievable in a busy lifestyle because we’ve all got a lot going on. But we also know how important it is to take care of our skin. So we wanted to choose skin resolutions that would make a big difference on our skin too.

Here is what we came up with:

Choose a skin care that has history.

“If something sounds to good to be true, like you are going to look 10 years younger in 30 days if you use “this” skin care, it is probably to good to be true! A trend is a only trend for a reason. Choose a skin care that has history. The skin care line I love is Repechage. It has been around for 40 years and their main ingredient is all natural, its seaweed which has many benefits to skin.”

 Use a toner.

Toner is something that I previously skipped because I didn’t realize how important it is. I’ve been using a toner on a regular basis now and I can’t believe the difference in my skin. A toner restores your skin to a state where it is not too acidic or too alkaline. It helps the skin maintain its optimal strength. Which will then give your skin better protection from the sun and our environment and more hydration.

Don’t stop at your neck.

You should always hydrate all areas of your body. Give areas that see extra dryness like your heals, elbows and hands special treatment. A great way to keep your hands and feet moisturized is get a paraffin wax treatment once a month, especially through the winter months. Your feet will thank you!

 Keep your hands off your face.

As we all know our hands are full of bacteria and germs. Pay attention to how often you touch your face , or rub your eyes with your hands in a day. Also don’t give in to the temptation to start picking at your pimples and black heads. Treat yourself to a professional facial once a season.  A professional facial stimulates your skin keeping the skin more toned and youthful-looking.

 Quality not quantity.

Ask a professional what they would suggest when it comes to skin care and make-up products. It’s very difficult to choose skin care products on your own. Your hairstylist or aesthetician have been trained in choosing the right products for your skin and products that you will benefit from the most. One quality product is going to make a greater difference on your skin than any other products!
To accompany these amazing skin care habits we think that its really important to support your skin with a healthy diet. Here is one of our favourite smoothie recipes which has so many beneficial nutrients for healthy skin!

Glowing Skin Smoothie

1/2 cup plain coconut water 
2 frozen ripe bananas 
1 cup chopped pineapple (frozen or fresh) 
1 cup chopped mango (frozen or fresh) 
2 cups spinach or kale 
1/2 avocado, sliced 
Optional: 1 Tablespoon ground flax or flaxseed oil

Avocados hydrate the skin, bringing back that glow we all love.
Mangos contain carotenoids, which help our skin glow.
And pineapples are high in vitamin C, which I’ve learned is key to the production of collagen – giving our skin its firmness and strength!
Spinach OR kale are both nutrient dense super foods, removing toxins from our bodies.
Coconut water is incredibly hydrating and makes skin look more youthful and supple.

Back to Busy – Air Dry Hair Solutions

When September hits my life starts to get crazy. That means that my hair doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Its either up in a ponytail or I cover up my locks with a hat on when I don’t have time to blow dry and style my hair (Fedoras are really in this season which makes throwing a hat on even more enticing). But I’m tired of this! I want to be able to show off my gorgeous colour that my stylist has done on my hair.

So the stylists at Hair Creations salon have found some styles that can be achieved without the heat of a blow dryer or straightener. With the right hair, cut, and products you can wash your hair, add some products and be on your way for the day.

All of the below styles can be achieved without any heat! That means no blow dryer, no flat or curling iron. This totally helps our morning routine, i’m sure it will help yours too!

Undone Hair

Each style may need to be tweaked to best flatter your face shape, but that’s why you’ve got a great stylist to work with! So when you’re having your hair consult with your stylist make sure you let them know what lifestyle you lead and the amount of time you have to give to your hair. The way your hair acts is most important when trying to get these results we’ve been talking about. The concept behind letting your hair air dry is about working with your hair not against it. Its important to have a combination of the proper cut and the proper products that work well WITH your hair.

What will give you the best look is the use of the right product. We want to make sure that your hair will air dry without going frizzy or flat. Apply these products and let your hair do its thing! We use Redken products at Hair Creations, here are the products we use with undone, air dry hair:

GUTS – Spray this product at the root of your damp hair to give it lift and body. It keeps your hair from going flat as it dries, no need to worry!

redken guts

AERATEOne of my favourite products! This is a creamed mousse that you put in your hair right after you’ve conditioned and comb through with a wide tooth comb.redken aerate

Mess Around 10  this is a medium hold product that is great for adding texture and shine. I recommend it for shorter styles like the pixie cut, but i’ve used it on all hair lengths so give it a try! Apply it to damp or dry hair to work with your hair’s natural shape.

redken mess around

Why We Need to Get Our Men in the Salon

Our salon offers just as many services to men as it does women, so why are the majority of people who take advantage of our hair and spa services women?

We want to share with all of our readers the benefits that spa and hair services have for men!

Men get overlooked in the salon industry so often, well maybe not completely overlooked, but we need to start giving men more attention! And for very good reason!

There are so many gains for men who take advantage of services in a salon from feeling great, looking great, and to being healthy.

Reasons why manicure and pedicures are great for men:

– Improves foot health

– Helps release stress

– Pedicures remove foot odour

– Prevents ingrown toenails

– Men will love how their feet and hands look and feel

We’re here for you guys!

Do you need to clean up or cover up some greys? we’ve got you covered!

Do you need a polished trim of your facial hair or eyebrows? we do that!

Have you had a hard week at work thats evident by what your nails are looking like? We can clean up your hands and feet!

Let’s face it, women are attracted to men who take pride in taking care of their bodies

So here is what we’re thinking are great styles for men this fall and back to school. We think overall the style is a graceful messiness.

ldicaprio19_gl_17aug12_rex_b_426x639Most men can get this first look. The hair is longer on top and shorter everywhere else so it gives the appearance of thicker hair. It’s a clean look, but with the right product it can turn into a look thats more undone.

54d3c09c311b9_-_3-xl-oxbra5-3This next look is a bit more wild because sections of the hair cut are left more
textured. This almost gives the appearance that the hair hasn’t been cut, it’s got an edgy look. The top is longer than the sides and the specific shape of this haircut depends on the shape of the man sitting in our chair.

I think that these looks would look amazing on a mature man. They are edgy, but still classy. Men of all ages can pull it off!

I like these next two undercuts because they are very neat and groomed. Its an edgy look, but it is also soft and polished. I think that these styles are well suited for younger men because of the length of the hair.


There is an infinite amount of ways men can wear their facial hair. From short and groomed to longer. Facial hair also pairs with an infinite amount of hair styles. Whether you’ve got a shaved head, a fade, or long hair there is a beard for that!

Here are a few of our favourite beard styles for the fall season!


Summer Beauty Guide – Hair Colour

We love making over our clients with a new hair colour to give them a fresh look. It’s a great way to change up your look for a different season of the year or a difference season of your life. Different hair colours bring out different features on your face and also enhance your complexion by picking up different tones in your skin. This summer we are loving vibrant colours that glow bright in the sun.

However, it can be a challenge for a stylist if a client wants a colour that would compromise their hair.  One of our goals is to treat your hair so that it is in the best condition possible. That is why I want to tell you all about some beautiful hair colour trends along with great products and treatments for your coloured hair. These products make a HUGE difference on the way your hair looks, feels, and grows. One product we have been RAVING about in our salon is OLAPLEX! This product is cutting edge technology that mends the hair and makes it stronger then it was when you came in….even after we have coloured your hair!

Golden Blonde – I love this colour because it gives your hair a glow (if treated properly with the right products). It also enhances a sun kissed glow in your skin by bringing warmth to your skin tone. Golden blonde hair colour reminds me of a beach babe! This shade of blonde is gentler on your hair compared to a platinum blonde because it is leaving natural tones in your hair. I think it is such a great colour for summer because it reminds me of the sun and a whole lot of Vitamin D!

gallery_nrm_1422475574-hbz-best-hair-colors-for-spring-caramel-bar-refaeli hbz-best-hair-colors-for-spring-caramel-karlie-kloss_12015_stylish_hair_color_trends_for_women5

Strawberry Blonde – Tired of your blonde hair, but you don’t want to go dark? Try this shade! Strawberry blonde is a great way to give blonde locks a change without going dark. The colour is a bit of golden blonde mixed with a light ginger or red. I think the colour gives the skin a natural warmth.


How to Care for Blonde Hair:

Redken has a new line of products for blondes that is really amazing! These products make blonde hair look and feel so beautiful. There is the Blonde Idol Shampoo, the BBB Spray which is a lightweight conditioner, the Custom-Tone Violet or Gold which is a product that helps maintain your tone where you are able to actually adjust warm or violet tones in the product (how great is that!?), and there is a nourishing Blonde Idol Mask that is a rinse out treatment for your hair.


Vibrant Red – This shade is for the girls that want deep vibrance in their life! This colour takes on the most amazing vibrant bright red in the sun. But it is hard to maintain the vibrance without the right products, so pay attention!


Monotone Brown – Sun tea, warm mocha are rich brown colours with a lot of golden undertones to make these beautiful brunette colours look amazing with your summer tan!

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How to Treat Vibrant Red and Monotone Brown Hair:

To keep this colour from fading, we suggest to use Redken’s new shampoo for vibrant colours, the Colour Magnetics Shampoo and Condition. These products form a seal on the hair so you will keep your colour and they rebuild the surface protection. The Deep Attraction Mask is also a must to preserve the richness of your colour! This line also has UV protection which is great for those beautiful days you want to spend outside in the sun.


If it’s a Redken salon that you go to, like Hair Creations, then ask for a Redken Shot Phase when your in the shampoo chair. This line of deep treatment products has specific benefits for all different hair types and colours. The products give treatments that protect hair from fading, they help reinforce internal fibres in the hair, they replenish moisture into the hair and so much more!


Summer Beauty Guide – Makeup

Hair Creations summer makeup beauty guide will help you with a flawless and easy look. We are obsessing over the very light makeup trend, bringing out the natural colours and tones in your skin. We think this is great for summer because it doesn’t take a lot of work and you’re not layering a lot of makeup onto your face. We are all about adding soft pinks to bring out the natural radiance of your own skin and giving your skin a natural looking glow.

main.original.585x0 dc65f8bf03f41cacacf0f05221e1d74a 00180h_1280x1920

These looks above are what we’re talking about! Nice and fresh! They are bringing out the natural beauty of your skin, not hiding it. The lips are enhanced with light and sheer colours that emphasis the colour that your lip already has. Add a bit of a highlighting blush, some colour to your lids and voila!

Here are some products that Hair Creations carries that we love using for simple and beautiful looks like these.


This is Mirabella’s Colour Vinyl Lipstick in a great shade, Lavender Lustre. The lipsticks are Paraben and gluten free! They moisturize and rejuvenate lips with Berry Flux Vita, Argan Oil, and antioxidants. They go on easy and last throughout the day. I like them because they are sheer and not matte so your going to add some shine to your lip while still looking natural.


Mirabella’s Colour Shine Lip Gloss adds great colour that compliments the shade that your lips already have. This product comes in a few different shades so you can choose which compliments you most. These glosses have moisturizing and conditioning properties too which are great for your lips especially with the sun beating down on them! They also have Vitamin C, E and peppermint to keep your lips hydrated.


Mirabella’s Mineral Bronzers add the perfect touch of colour to blend with your skin. We love their pink tones and highlighters! The bronzers will give you a great sun kissed look without being overpowering. The bronzers are so easy to brush on your cheeks as well and they are very forgiving if you go off course. They blend well into your cheek bone as well as just under depending on the look you’re going for.

Come in to see the Hair Creations team if you want us to try these products on you! Or if you want to try them on yourself! We’re here to offer you guidance on your personal look!

Summer Beauty Guide – Hair

HAIR – Two sides of the Spectrum – Short and Long

New Cuts to Try – Spring Summer Hair Trends 2015

For those who want to go short – The Asymmetrical Pixie

An edgy cut for sure! But not as harsh as a side shave look. It gives you an added touch of femininity.


For the women who want to keep their hair long – The Fringe

Long hair with eye skimming bangs and a subtle wave.

Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Hairstyles-With-Bangs-Best-For-Your-Face-Shape-Wavy-Hair-Model-Julia-Stegner-Vogue-Spain  gettyimages_463714384_10_1c1964704ad3d4994fe752124864e1496

Are you looking for some spring hair inspiration?

The Pixie is back!

You either love it or hate it…… and we love it here at Hair Creations!

So why do we love it so much? Because the cut can be sleek and sexy or choppy and cool. You can continue to innovate the pixie after your initial chop to continue to change the look up. You can do an asymmetrical cut, or edgy undone perfection, or give your pixie style textured volume, or razor undercut. The pixie style has the potential to be personalized in a way that best suits your identity!

Are you ready to make the chop?

jennifer-hudson_glamour_27jan14_pa_b_960x1440 main-1.original.585x0 anne-hathaway_glamour_7may2013_pa_b lily-collins_glamour-24feb15-Getty_b_960x1440main-2.original.585x0Scarlett-Johansson2_glamour_19nov14_pa_b_960x1440 549bacd998e51_-_elle-30-pixie-cuts-michelle-williams-xln-elv     Jennifer-Lawrence_glamour_12jan14_pa_b_960x1440

What We’re Loving Right Now

Do you ever wake up and your hair is just a little bit too messy to work with. You can’t wear it completely down or you don’t want to wear a messy pony tail or braid AGAIN!

I sure do! I get bored of those quick and easy looks.


I have a solution!

The half up top knot.

It works great for almost any hair length and type, as long as your hair is long enough to pull back into an elastic. This trendy style also looks great with straight, wavy, or curly hair. No matter your hair type, everyone is covered! And you can style this do in many ways, a neat and sleek pulled back top knot or a romantic and carefree look. The look you go for will make this style work for your occasion!


CC Creme

We’ve decided to do a product review on one of our favourite new products of the season!



Firstly, what is BB & CC…BB is a beauty balm and CC is a colour corrector.

Truthfully, we could all use a bit of colour correction to balance our skin. That’s where the Mirabella CC Creme comes in!

The creme comes in three shades which are so easy to match up to different skin tones:


The creme has worked really well on my combination (dry and oily) skin. It has bamboo water and avocado oil for skin hydration and improvement. It balances out with witch hazel for oil control on your face. So whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, CC Creme can work so great for you! It also has anti aging benefits from acai berry and SPF 20 for skin protection, we will be looking fantastic for years to come! (http://mirabellabeauty.com/face/cc-creme.html)

You can use it as a very light foundation when applying it with your fingertips or apply a heavier coat with a brush depending on how much or how little you want to cover up, I like using a brush. The creme blends really well with my skin because it is not heavy and does not smudge or wipe off throughout the day. I love it! I like to team the CC Creme up with Mirabella’s mineral based Conceal to cover up blemishes and the Pure Press to set the makeup. Then I like to finish my skin off with Mirabella’s Face Highlighter on the ball of my cheek with the brighter pink shade and the darker bronze under my cheek bone. This gives my cheeks the perfect pop of colour while adding contour and giving my face more shape. And VOILA you’ve got a great everyday skin look!

Steps 1-4: