A Beauty Look We Love!

Blonde hair can make a huge statement. And when you add some contrast you can make the look even cooler! That’s where the brow and hair mismatching combination comes in!

The blonde hair and dark eyebrow look is starting to get more and more popular because brows are a huge accessory statement to the face, wearing them full and bold. Contrasting brow to hair colour is a confidence boosting alternative to a natural, soft matched hair to brow.

You choose how edgy you want to make your look, whether you want a slight or drastic contrast. Going with a bold eyebrow look will make your eyes pop because bold brows will frame your eyes and people will be drawn to that area. Matching your brows to your hair could possibly give you a washed out look.

There are quite a few factors that determine what level of contrast is best for each person that sits in our chair. Factors such as skin tone, eye colour, eyebrow shape and fringe or bang are some things that contribute to the overall look. We suggest to take it slow and slightly increase the shade.

Here are some of our favourite looks!

image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6 image-7 image9-23-8silvery-pinkmte5ntu2mzi0ode2ndg3otq3

We also suggest testing darker eyebrows and maintaining a beautifully bold brow with brow makeup tools. We recommend the Mirabella eyebrow products. Come into the salon for a brow consultation and application to learn what you can do with your eyebrows!


The Quick Brow Powder creates beautiful brows in only seconds! This product is a revolutionary new powder that sweeps on to instantly fill brows. It’s very easy to apply and stays put for long wear without any fallout. It has buildable coverage for a range of brow looks from natural to bold!


The Brow Pencil sculpts and fills in brows naturally with fine point precision pencil that won’t chip during application. The pencil glides on so smoothly for controlled lining with rich, blendable colour. It’s both smudge proof and waterproof that lasts all day long.


The Brow Shaper. Take charge of your brows with this all in one shaper that defines, grooms, fills gaps, and thickens brows! An easy sweep of the brush can perfect your brows. It’s a brow kit in a bottle!

Hair Creations Now Offers Keratin Smoothing Complex – So What is It?

What is Keratin?
– Keratin is a fibrous protein found naturally within the hair. In fact, the hair is mainly made up of Keratin associated proteins.
– Keratin acts as a protective shield against humidity which is the primary cause of frizz.
– Over time the hair loses Keratin from exposure to the sun, environmental factors, styling, and chemical services.


Keratin Treatment is effective on all hair types. What it does is replenish lost Keratin and repair damage, it locks out humidity to reduce unwanted frizz, and gives the hair increased manageability alongside styling versatility. The treatment rebuilds strength, restores smoothness and elasticity, and gives hair a healthier appearance.

13585242_10154335431743000_2364219083433280432_o 13735727_10154396979678000_7511393038338519676_o 13580676_10154321087308000_1137986708731077986_o


Conventional straighteners and relaxers may break protein bonds in the hair structure which cause the strands to reform into a permanent straight shape.
Keratin technology doesn’t break hair’s bonds, it delivers smoother hair that can be styled wavy or straight. Keratin penetrates hair structure and it is then sealed within the cortex to repair damage.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.51.51 PM

The best way is to contact us at Hair Creations Salon to determine which Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment will be the most appropriate for your hair type and lifestyle. But we have listed the options below.

13495547_10154325520353000_3044014666390801280_o 13719580_10154375429468000_8081597176258209368_o13653050_10154354658188000_1922375372518608350_o

In Salon – Hair Smoothing Keratin Treatments
The below treatments show that there is a solution for every hair type, lifestyle, and budget. These treatment solutions range from time it takes to complete the service, the length of time which the treatment lasts, and the waiting period to shampoo or style after the treatment. Generally these factors range from longest service and most expensive while longest lasting to the opposite.

The Signature Smoothing Solution – best for any hair type with frizz or curl who is seeking longest lasting smoothness, manageability, and protection against humidity.
The Signature Smoothing Solution for Fragile Hair – great for blonde hair, but best for any hair with curl and frizz that need extra care and conditioning while still wanting longest lasting results.
The Speedy Smoothing Solution – best for any frizz or curly hair type, but for someone looking for a quick smoothing solution.
The Same Day Smoother best for any hair type with frizz, for a person who wants convenience of same day styling, shampooing, and conditioning.
Curl Controller best for any hair type with natural texture who want to control and refine the curl while taming frizz.
Intelligent Blow Dry featuring a revitalizing smoothing system best for those with frizzy hair who want healthier looking, shinier and more manageable hair.

A blow dry service in between your Keratin Treatments.

Hair Treatment Boosters – REPLENISHER – Best for any hair type. This treatment delivers a renewed radiance to the hair while locking frizz out.
Vital Shot Restorative Keratin Ampoules SERIOUS HAIR REPAIR – This is best for dull and damaged hair that needs to be brought back to life. It delivers instant frizz control, renewed strength, and resilience plus protection against future damage.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.38.05 AM


Layer one of this shot opens up the cuticle, layer two fills the gaps with Keratin where Keratin was depleted



There are a lot of options so talk with your stylist to decide which Keratin Treatment is best for you!

The photos are taken from the Keratin Complex social media pages.

Get out of your hair rut for spring and summer!

If there is a time to switch up your hair its in the summer! We’ve put together some on trend looks that will help you survive the sweltering hot days that are about to come with low maintenance, sans hot tools, and super stylish colour! Here are some of the styles that work best for the summer season to get you out of your hair rut.

Braids: braids are in on every length of hair (even on men).  Braiding short hair is the newest look.  Any type of braid is in (fishtails, cornrows, french braids or regular braids). Anyone can do this look because it doesen’t have to be perfect.  The undone look or distressed, messy organic braid is the look you want.

braided-pixie-645x968 f23a0daf5cab74d84da8602924872ca2double-ponytail-braid-summer-hairstyle-idea-january-jones

french-braid-645x645 hbz-ss2016-beauty-trends-tight-braids-herve-leger-bks-m-rs16-1124 4bd22f9a5d63c4117c809007521ac7bb

Short Hair: this is the buzz. If you want to make a statement, cut off all of your extra inches! To make even more of a statement with your short hair colour bombing is the way to go.  Add a splash of pastel purple or pink, or go for a vivid magenta, blue or purple.

charlize-theron-oscars-best-beauty_720month-in-hair-18.jpg gallery-1460656279-gettyimages-509694694

gillan1jl3014 Scarlett-Johansson2_glamour_21apr15_getty_b_449x675 549bacd934e3c_-_elle-29-pixie-cuts-miley-cyrus-xln-elv

Hello Layers!: change up your BOB or add lots and lots of texture to your long hair. Lots of layers, texture & disconnections with your ends thinned out is this warm weather look. Goodbye BOB. Hello layers.  Colour bombing or Ombre is still very popular for this cut, but the newest look is bayalage or contour colour around your face. This created a soft frame for your face.



Colour: whether you’re looking for a colour fling or the one!
Hair colour is getting warmer for the spring & summer. Darker roots fading out to beautiful warm shades, bronze, gold & copper tones with a colour bomb of red, mahogany & purple look amazing for this season.

32-root_32 beauty-2016-04-emma-roberts-rose-gold-hair-main112015-jessica-alba-hair


#1 Tip for Colour Treated Hair

I think that 95% of women and men have colour in their hair. Whether you’ve got a subtle shade to increase the vibrancy of your hair or if you are covering up unwanted grey hair or maybe you love to do something drastic and completely change your hair colour with each season. No matter the degree which we colour our hair, it needs nourishment in order to grow and to hang on to the hair colour.

So our #1 TIP for Colour Treated Hair is: CONDITIONING.

First of all, your hair does need to be washed in order to unclog your pores. You don’t just need to wash your hair for clean hair, but for a healthy scalp as well. You can compare it to washing your skin in order to unclog the pores on your face. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.

The most crucial step is the conditioner. This tones and moisturizes your scalp and hair.  The conditioner keeps your hair nutrient rich. This not only keeps your hair strong, but it helps to hold the colour longer! A proper conditioner will help the vibrancy of your colour last and keep your hair soft. Thats why we think this minor investment is so important!

A healthy scalp means your hair will continue to grow. And stronger hair keeps your ends from breaking.

So you don’t need to be afraid to wash your hair and as a result turn to dry shampoo. If you use the right products you can wash your hair more often without compromising the colour.

We ALWAYS suggest going right to your stylist when looking to colour your hair and choosing products to use at home. I don’t know if I need to still say this, but stay away from box colour! Box colour is not healthy for your hair and it has unpredictable results both when you apply it AND the next time you have your hair coloured. It can be a nightmare!

So go to your stylist, they know your hair, they know what salon products were used on your hair at your last appointment, and they can choose something to suit your lifestyle. You will save a lot of money when talking directly with your stylist.

Next, look for products that are safe. Something that is parabon free, sulphate free, and something with uv protection is a great place to start. We carry Redken products at our salon, Hair Creations, they have a variety of shampoo and conditioner sets that are great for your hair. Another amazing product to try right now is Olaplex it allows you to take your hair colour to the next level without the usual damage. So go and talk with your stylist they will make sure you have nutrient rich, healthy hair!

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What We’re Loving Right Now

Do you ever wake up and your hair is just a little bit too messy to work with. You can’t wear it completely down or you don’t want to wear a messy pony tail or braid AGAIN!

I sure do! I get bored of those quick and easy looks.


I have a solution!

The half up top knot.

It works great for almost any hair length and type, as long as your hair is long enough to pull back into an elastic. This trendy style also looks great with straight, wavy, or curly hair. No matter your hair type, everyone is covered! And you can style this do in many ways, a neat and sleek pulled back top knot or a romantic and carefree look. The look you go for will make this style work for your occasion!


CC Creme

We’ve decided to do a product review on one of our favourite new products of the season!



Firstly, what is BB & CC…BB is a beauty balm and CC is a colour corrector.

Truthfully, we could all use a bit of colour correction to balance our skin. That’s where the Mirabella CC Creme comes in!

The creme comes in three shades which are so easy to match up to different skin tones:


The creme has worked really well on my combination (dry and oily) skin. It has bamboo water and avocado oil for skin hydration and improvement. It balances out with witch hazel for oil control on your face. So whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, CC Creme can work so great for you! It also has anti aging benefits from acai berry and SPF 20 for skin protection, we will be looking fantastic for years to come! (http://mirabellabeauty.com/face/cc-creme.html)

You can use it as a very light foundation when applying it with your fingertips or apply a heavier coat with a brush depending on how much or how little you want to cover up, I like using a brush. The creme blends really well with my skin because it is not heavy and does not smudge or wipe off throughout the day. I love it! I like to team the CC Creme up with Mirabella’s mineral based Conceal to cover up blemishes and the Pure Press to set the makeup. Then I like to finish my skin off with Mirabella’s Face Highlighter on the ball of my cheek with the brighter pink shade and the darker bronze under my cheek bone. This gives my cheeks the perfect pop of colour while adding contour and giving my face more shape. And VOILA you’ve got a great everyday skin look!

Steps 1-4:


Bob or Lob?

I think that everyone has noticed how popular the bob hairstyle has been this summer and now join into fall as well. You could either be going for an edgy, chin grazing, wavy bob like many people are doing right now, which is a little bit more daring than the shoulder grazing lob (aka long bob) that is effortlessly chic with which we have seen in the past. Both cuts are very flattering for many women….but how do you choose?

It’s all about face shape ladies.

An angled bob is a great look for round faces with it’s long layers that sweep just under the chin and shortening of the hair as you go back to the nape of the neck. A product that works great for this cut is Redken’s 10 – Guts. Use it as a volumizer at the roots to give you lift at your crown for extra slimming.

…So you don’t have a round face? THATS OK!

The lob and the bob are so versatile! (so keep reading)

For a square shaped face a tapered thinned out bob that ends around the chin works beautifully. Make sure to flat iron your ends if this is the bob you want to soften your jawline. We suggest finishing off with Redken’s 12 – Rough Paste to add some texture.

A bob that ends right at the jawline with very little tapering at the nape of the neck is great for a heart shaped face. I think that a natural wavy styled look works great with this cut using Redken’s Loose Endings.

Now the lob works great with women who have longer narrow faces. I like styling this look with Redken’s 08- Aerate that’s a creamed mouse to give hair volume.

Well. I hope that gave you all some push if you’ve been itching to chop of some of your lovely locks. We can make the bob work for any face shape.