Heck Yes! Balayage!

We’ve been on board with ombre hair and its many variations for a long time now we’re always on the look out for a new take on the trend. Have you heard one of our stylists talk about “balayage,” that’s when we suggest you perk up — it’s the hair color trend to try.

Balayage is o of the most searched words on google right now!

What is balayage?

Balayage is a French free-handed highlighting technique (be gone traditional foiling techniques) that will make you look perfectly sun-kissed, like a subtle, blended ombre. Who isn’t down for that?

The best part? It lets your stylist release her inner artist, so she can totally personalize the colours and placement for you.

The appeal?

You can achieve so many different effects from soft, natural highlights to something strong and punky. It’s super low maintenance too! Because of the way the colour is applied there won’t be a harsh line of regrowth.

Need Proof?

Look at these gorgeous styles!

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How it’s done.

The process varies depending on the length of your hair and your desired result. What you can usually expect is to have individual strands coloured with a brush. The strands chosen are determined by your stylist to create a super flattering look for you!

We find that all of our balayage clients are going for different looks and need to maintain those looks at different rates. Initially you may need multiple appointments to really build up your colour (colour takes time for happy, healthy hair!). If you’re going to extend your appointment because you like the way your regrowth is blending then we suggest coming in for a toner and a treatment to freshen up your colour in between appointments

Is it for me?

If you want more of a carefree colour, then this could be the look for your next appointment!

There are many different techniques that people use to create this look. It really depends on your hair type and colour history. If you’re seeing one of us we will be able to come up with a technique to achieve the look you desire that best suits your hair type and colour history. But it can take a few appointments because we want to do whats best for your hair.

There are certain hairstyles that show off balayage. I always love to see balayage finished with loose curls or a beachy, tousled look where you can see the colour variations ribbon through the hair. Sharp, strong haircuts like a bob require a stronger colour or a block colour to show off the cut. But balayage can be personalized by your stylist to work for you, that’s why its so amazing!